Diamond Drilling

TF Drilling specialises in Diamond Drilling, from a single hole to major projects. We can drill from 10mm to 1000mm in diameter and to almost any depth. This method is quiet and dust-free, and produces precise, clean holes through reinforced concrete, brick, block, asphalt and more. TF drilling uses the most up to date Diamond Drilling tools including handheld, robotic, fixed and mobile rigs.

We also offer Stitch Drilling as an alternative method to concrete cutting. This is used when sawing isn’t possible due to space or access limitations. Stitch Drilling is a technique where a series of holes are drilled to form the required opening.

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Diamond Floor Sawing

We specialise in diamond floor sawing, our variety of floor sawing machines allows us to meet your project requirements and provide an efficient and effective service. Diamond Floor Sawing provides clean, precise cuts through reinforced concrete and asphalt up to 525mm deep. We use diesel floor saws for external slab works and either propane powered or 3 phase electric powered for internal works. Dust is suppressed with water and slurry can be controlled and cleared away as required.

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Hand-Held Sawing

TF Drilling offers various types of hand sawing, including Ring Sawing and Chain Sawing. Hand-held saw cutting can be used internally or externally through walls and floors, and can cut materials up to 630mm thick. This method cuts masonry and reinforced concrete quickly and effectively.

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Wall Chasing

We offer Wall Chasing for cutting neat channels in masonry or reinforced concrete walls. This is normally for installation of electrical conduit or cable trays, but does have a variety of different uses. All of our dry cutting equipment has a full dust extraction shroud and is connected to an industrial vacuum, which keeps dust to an absolute minimum.

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Track Sawing

Track Sawing creates precise openings in any concrete structure. It is typically specified to cut precise dimensional door, vent and window openings. All dust is kept to a minimum by water suppression.

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Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation prepares a surface (normally a concrete base) for a resin topping or self-levelling material, we can also reduce floor levels to suit your requirements. We have access to a variety of different equipment, from small hand-held devices to heavy-duty operator driven machines. All dust is either suppressed with water or controlled using heavy-duty vacuums.

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Hydraulic Bursting

Hydraulic Bursting uses a non-percussive hydraulic action to perform a controlled demolition that cracks reinforced or mass concrete and masonry. This method of controlled demolition minimises vibration to the structure and also significantly reduces hand and arm vibration. This is used alongside Diamond Drilling, where powerful hydraulic rams are inserted into pre-drilled holes and expanded until the material is forced apart. Once the integrity has been broken down the concrete can be removed using whichever method applicable.

Hydraulic Crunching

This is a crushing technique that creates a non-percussive sheering action, causing the integrity of the concrete to break down under pressure. Hydraulic Crunching is an efficient way of removing large areas of reinforced concrete or masonry up to thickness of 300mm and is significantly quieter than large percussive breakers or peckers. Once positioned, the operator will activate a hydraulic ram to crush the concrete or masonry within the clamp. This method minimises vibration to the structure, and also significantly reduces hand and arm vibration.

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Good weekend's saw cutting for new machine base. All ready for removal Monday morning
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Bingo! As well as CHAS and Constructionline Silver, we've now achieved Safe Contractor accreditation
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