What is Diamond Drilling?

Diamond has the highest hardness and thermal conductivity of any natural material. The unique properties of diamond, make it perfect for cutting and drilling extremely hard materials. Drilling hard surface creates high temperatures. When drilling high volumes, large/deep holes normal drills would simply fail.

Diamond drilling is a non-percussive technique to form circular holes through various materials including reinforced concrete, brickwork, block-work, marble and granite whilst ensuring structural integrity is maintained. The holes can be drilled to virtually any depth.

It can also be used in conjunction with the stitch drilling method, this method can be used to create an opening of any size or shape, Stitch drilling is when a series of holes (usually 107mm diameter) are drilled just overlapping to the opening.


What is Diamond Floor Sawing?

Diamond Floor Sawing is a technique used for cutting hard surfaces such as concrete. There are a variety of floor saws (also known as slab saws) from handheld to walk-behind machines. External floor saws are generally diesel or propane powered, internal floor saws are powered by 3 phase electric power. Each machine comprises of a circular diamond tipped saw blade. Dust extraction, along with water and slurry suppression is used to keep dust and debris to and absolute minimum.

Floor sawing has a variety of applications including, Channel Cutting, Expansion Joints, Concrete repairs Road cutting and Demolition. TF Drilling can cut to a depth of 525mm. Click here to view our Diamond Floor Sawing Gallery


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