Diamond Drilling East Midlands

Diamond Drilling East Midlands

TF Drilling was contracted to carry out diamond floor sawing in asphalt to form trenches for new drainage runs on new East Midlands site.

For high productivity, TF Drilling used a powerful 65hp diesel engine saw. These saws cut through reinforced concrete and asphalt at an exceptional rate and up to a depth of 570mm.

Diamond floor sawing is also used for a variety of other applications, including the forming of large openings for lift shafts, expansion joints, and removing damaged areas of concrete and asphalt to provide a clean and smooth edge for repairs

As with most diamond cutting, water is introduced to the blade to cool the diamond segments and to eliminate the creation of dust. The slurry that is subsequently produced whilst sawing can be contained with wet vacuums to provide a finish with minimal mess if required.

TF Drilling carry's out Diamond Drilling UK wide and is based in the East Midlands, Derby.

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